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Bayer the Monsanto owned company and the largest supplier of GMO food items (video) This is the video is on your screen. Protecting your crops with natural methods is a priority for farmers to protect their crops from food products that have been chemically altered. What are they doing differently?

Triple Threat Triple Threat

Anyone who has planted tomatoes in their backyards must deal to the three elements that may destroy their produce Pests, diseases, and the weeds. This is just one of the challenges farmers need to face, but so are the quantity and quality that their soil. Rotating their crops and treating the soil using nutrients can take care of half the problem. The other half is pesticides.

The significance of Crop Protection

When diseases don’t destroy a crop, pests do. Pesticides are used by farmers to combat weeds and other pests. On the other hand, chemical pesticides cause harm to our bodies. Biopesticides are being used by farmers to tackle this issue. In the absence of pests farming, they can also produce greater food on less land.

Bayer informs us that they’re stepping outside the box to ensure farmers are equipped with the most up-to-date technology along with research and development on techniques for protecting crops. Safety and sustainability are key concepts that define the people of our world, and the entire world. Bayer is using the very latest AI and digital development methods for ensuring safety as well as sustainability.


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